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Mortgages in Turkey Mortgage lending, Turkish real estate. If you are considering the possibility of investing in Turkish real estate, then at present one of the main and available financial instruments is a mortgage. The Turkish real estate market has become attractive among foreign investors, thanks to the possibility of mortgage lending in Turkish banks. For foreign investors, a mortgage loan can be presented in US dollars, euros or British pounds sterling, as well as Turkish lira. Lending conditions For citizens of Russia there are no legal restrictions on obtaining a mortgage in Turkey For citizens of the CIS countries, additional clarification of information in a particular bank is required. Terms of issuance and lending rates for mortgages in Turkey: The amount of monthly payments on a loan should not exceed 50% of the borrower's official salary Real estate - non-commercial objects, ready for delivery at the time of loan issuance, not older than 20 years, having a technical passport or being built under a guarantee developer Loan - the maximum loan amount is 50% of the appraised value of the object, the minimum amount is 10 euros Loan terms: Minimum - 000 year Maximum - 1 years Age restrictions of the borrower from 20 to 25 years Interest rates (fixed) - from 65% per annum Collateral loan - real estate for which a mortgage loan is issued Bank commissions - for issuing a loan - (9%) of the loan amount (one-time), loan repayment - no more than 1% of the amount of early loan repayment Package of documents Real estate sale and purchase agreement Photocopy of TAPU (Certificate on ownership), issued by the Cadastral Office of Turkey Photocopy of passports (international passport, Russian passport port) Official certificate of taxes for the last year (photocopy of receipts for payment of taxes) Certificate of income signed by the borrower's employers (2NDFL) A document notarized and confirming the right to sign the employer signing the salary certificate. Statement from a personal bank account (for the last 2 months) Other documents officially confirming income (income from rent, dividends, etc.) Certificate of the presence or absence of debt Filled in directly in Turkey Credit history