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 In Turkey, there is a title system for registering property rights. This means that the registration of rights to real estate is the prerogative of the state body - the Cadastral Department, which issues the title of ownership "TAPU" to the new owner. This title implies a timeless and absolute ownership right, which, after the conclusion of the sale and purchase transaction, cannot be challenged by anyone in court.
1.Address of the plot of land on which the acquired property is located
2.Photo of passport format (2 color photos required for registration)
3.Information about the registration of a land plot in the cadastral department
4.Condition of the land plot (from information in the cadastral department)
5.Area of ​​land owned by the new owner (in proportion to the size of the acquired housing)
6.The condition of the property belonging to the new owner (type of property) 7.The cost of the acquired property
8.Information about the previous owner (s)
9.Information about the new owner (s)
10.Date of purchase of this property by the previous owner
11.TAPU number when registering the previous owner (changes with each transfer of ownership)
12.Registration data of the new TAPU document
13.Date of purchase of this property by the new owner
14. Signature of the authorized person and seal of the cadastral office